Refund Policy

1. Licensee shall pay to Licensor the amount as mentioned on the website from where the order is placed, as one-time, upfront fees in consideration for the licenses and rights granted hereunder (hereinafter referred to as the “License Fee”). The License Fee to be paid by Licensee shall be paid upfront at the time of placing the order, and no credit will be allowed under any circumstances.

2. Once paid, the License Fees shall be non-refundable. The Licensee has fully satisfied itself about the Software, Add-ons Etc, and has seen the demonstration, and only thereafter has placed the order. Thus, the License Fees or any part thereof is non-refundable. No claim for refund of the License Fees shall be entertained under any circumstances.

3. Cs Cart Licenses are provided by, we are authorized Reseller for the same. Cs Cart Licenses can be used for the specified domain/store only if the license misused like, using other store or domains on unauthorized manner, the license may get terminated or blocked, we are not responsible and no refund allowed.